About Us

DGEC – An enterprise designed with you in mind

Established in Oman in 2012, DGEC has evolved into a multi-disciplinary consultancy operating out of multiple locations across the globe.
DGEC currently operates in Oman, India, UAE, East Africa and USA. We have taken our knowledge and award-winning engineering expertise to each of these markets and tailored it to suit individual local needs. Our success in these new markets is attributed to our ability to be flexible, highly responsive and adaptable to the different challenges, regulations and local practices which influence the delivery of projects in each region.
With over 100 employees offering a full range of integrated engineering services, we are large enough to be able to provide a highly focused and dedicated team on our clients’ projects, but still at a size where our core values can be effectively applied. Every project is led by an associate who provides valuable experience and guidance to the team members.

Our Vision

To be recognized locally and then regionally as one of the finest Architectural and Engineering consultancy firms, contributing to client success, wherever we work.

Our Values


We respect all people regardless of their culture, ideas, views, and knowledge.


As an organisation that believes in integrity, we give importance to ethics and professionalism within our organisation and with our clients and suppliers.


We accept challenges and respond with creative solutions.


We redefine our work environment by drawing insights and knowledge from others. We value inputs & information from others.


We strive for excellence in all we do. It is evident not only in the services we deliver but in the way we deliver them. Our employees embody excellence - whether it is in the decisions they make or the service they deliver.