The Difference

Our integrity towards work sets
us apart from our competitors

The Difference

From 2012 DGEC has designed iconic structures for many challenging projects in 6 countries catering to different sectors and has gained a reputation of world-class design and engineering company.
With ISO certification DGEC follows international standards of practice and provides clients a futuristic design, which is sustainable, economical and scalable. DGEC diligently follows and partners with architects to provide accurate engineering solutions without diluting their vision for the project.
We are different because of our ability to provide alternative design options, which are safe and cost-effective. Our commitment, integrity and collaborative work practice helps deliver client satisfaction.
By virtue of using BIM technology, DGEC practices Lean Construction Methodology, Integrated Project Delivery and Offsite Construction that offers an immense advantage to its clients.

Lean Construction Methods

Thanks to DGEC’s integrated design and drawing solutions, parallel progress can be achieved during design and construction, The art of using BIM gives DGEC the advantage of avoiding rework at the design and at the construction stage, thus enabling the architect and client to plan and execute different construction works at the same time without waiting for the completion of one activity to begin another.

Integrated Project Delivery

DGEC follows a unique method of deploying a BIM Manager on site for the benefit of the architect and the client. This expert acts as the one point coordinator to gather requirements from all the stakeholders of the project; collating it in a systematic manner to submit to architects and clients to aim for excellence in project management.

Offsite Construction

DGEC has successfully implemented offsite construction methods for their projects thanks to their superior control over BIM. DGEC realizes the immense benefits of Prefab, Modular, Precast/Pre-stressed, Panelized, Components, and Volumetric Methods of construction and expertly provides design solutions.
DGEC specializes in creating shop floor drawings to manufacture different building components in a factory set up and transport them to site for installation as it gives enormous advantages like faster and controlled onsite processes, improved design lead time with quality and reduced workforce.