Building services

Innovation plus coordination equals high
performance building systems

Building Services

We ensure that every project we design should use high performance, low energy building systems.
To make every building operationally efficient we make sure that the parameters related to building services system and the quality of its internal environment are set appropriately.
MEP Engineering and Design is a complex field which needs knowledge of design standards and also practical workability of the solutions. We provide high quality MEP Design deliverables for complex projects with the benefits of the BIM led workflow which adds more value than any other conventional CAD workflow.
Our design approach is innovative, coordinated and integrated. Building services are the fundamental components which give buildings life by ensuring thermal comfort and utilities. This is only possible through correct design that takes into account the needs of all stakeholders as well as operational running costs, functionality and aesthetics.
We draw our strength on design expertise gained through our experience locally as well as internationally. They take into consideration modern design philosophies including implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM). Importantly, our Building Services engineers are flexible and open minded when it comes to finding value engineered solutions. We embrace the latest technologies to improve performance and sustainability.
Working as part of a team we are able to balance our client’s aspirations with engineering (and often budgetary) constraints, to design high performance, low energy building systems.
The work involves detailed design of MEP systems, preparation of design brief reports, development of a concept designs, preparation of detailed tender drawings, specifications and bill of materials, technical comparison of bids, a recommendation of vendors, quality audits at site, witnessing commissioning, signing off the close out documents etc.
BIM model gives the clients the opportunity to execute all MEP services and their installation with ease. We are also experts in custom component creations for the service-related components like chillers, pumps, DBs and therefore can do space analysis and constructability analysis at the design phase itself.
Integration with our in-house civil and structural engineering and other specialist teams enables us to devise the best possible solutions to ensure your building is holistic and sustainable.

Our building services engineers offer:
  • Mechanical building services
  • Electrical building services
  • Public health building services
  • Sustainable designs
  • Audio, Visual & ICT
  • Fire Engineering (FLS)
  • Lighting Design
  • Specialist expertise